• Store similar items by usage category (like with like) - it will be easier to find everything you need in one place

  • Never handle anything twice - in the moment discard it, file it or act on it

  • Start decluttering at one corner of room and continue around the room in sequence - stay focused on cleaning out one area at a time - when you find an item for another area, simply place it elsewhere for the time being

  • To help determine what to do with an item, ask yourself these questions: What is this? Why do I have it? Do I like it? When will I use it again?

  • Sort by using three piles: Donate or Consign/Toss/Save or remember with CALM: Categorize, Assign, Liquidate and Maintain

  • Return items to its storage place for instant retrieval next time

  • Open mail daily over garbage pail and toss trash immediately. The rest can be grouped in categories that make sense to you like Bills to pay, Actions items, Things to read

  • Place the items you use frequently in the most accessible and prominent locations between waist height and eye level

  • Create a daily To-Do List, prioritizing the most important task first. (Note that some tasks are not worth the time spent on them)

  • Use a free automatic bill payment service (typically through your bank) instead of writing monthly checks which saves time and postage

  • Schedule errands that are near each other to minimize travel time and gas

  • For every new item coming into your home, discard one existing item to keep the equilibrium and avoid clutter from mounting

  • Register for the "Do Not Call List" and "Removal of Junk Mail" with the American Marketing Association. Cut down on junk mail by keeping only a few catalogs from which you will be ordering - send a postcard to the Subscription Manager of other catalogs you do not wish to receive asking them to remove you from their mailing database (include their original mailing label)

  • Obtain Caller ID. Do not answer every call as it comes in (eliminates distraction) - instead schedule a block of time to return calls (helps productivity)

  • Keep items used frequently within an arm's length on your desk (i.e., stapler, scissor, tape, pen) and remove distracting kitchy items



03/10/2016 10:46am

I'm always choose my room to declutter first. Decluttering room by room is a best way.

04/19/2017 1:10am

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08/22/2016 2:31am

I'll keep all your tips in mind. My time and plans are the only thing organized in my life. It is hard for me to be physically organized because once I clean then next thing I know everything is scattered all over again. They said that cleaning your room daily can prevent stress and would create a better concentration for a person. So I guess I should start doing this and start to clean my stuff!


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