• Turn all hangers in your closet towards you.When you wear something, return the item with the hanger turned away from you. In six months you can determine what items have not been worn simply by examining the direction of the hanger. During one of your decluttering sessions, those items should be considered for donation or consignment since they have not been worn

  • Any files older than the current year that will be used for reference or tax purposes should be stored archivally off premises and all others should be discarded (be sure to shred documents containing personal information)

  • Keep only items that you use twice a week or more on your countertops - everything else should be stored to keep an open working space

  • If moving to a smaller location determine what items you can fit into your new space with this formula: divide the square footage of your smaller space by the square footage of your current space (i.e., new place - 1,200 sq. ft. divided by current place - 3,000 sq. ft. equals 40% which means your new smaller space can fit 40% of your current possessions which signals the need to store, donate, sell or discard the remaining 60% of your possessions

  • Store items that you use seasonally or infrequently in space that is harder to reach

  • Regularly purge your medicine cabinet of expired medications and remedies and group the remaining items by usage. Keep the items used regularly on the bottom shelf


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Problems with home maintenance can become harmful if not taken care of in a timely manner. The most cost-effective way to protect your home is with ongoing and preventive maintenance. Spending time and money now can help avoid costly repairs and improve your home’s ability to with stand natural hazards. Establishing a routine, you will find the work is easier to accomplish and not as time-consuming. There are simple solutions to keeping the maintenance on the house done. There are some things that can be done during the Spring and others during the Winter. This proposal will go over the problems that occur within a home and when to fix those problems.


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